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Attitude Entertainment creates the visual image of you or your company across several media platforms.  We are a digital media production boutique with expertise in the following: video editing, cinematography, web design, and visual marketing.  Attitude Entertainment is all about putting your best “media face” forward.  If you want to be noticed by the right clientele, Attitude Entertainment will make it happen.
Attitude Entertainment is a production company with ATTITUDE! Production for digital video and web projects are handled with the idea of today’s markets in mind in tandem with the combined 45+ years of experience of the AE staff. Today’s market demands that a production company posses not only the ability to produce pretty videos and websites but also be able to identify who will respond to that pretty media.
As CEO of Attitude Entertainment, Desmond Johns is always in demand for his visual media expertise.  Mr. Johns stays current with the industry’s latest editing and digital design programs including Final Cut, Illustrator, Adobe Audition, Photoshop, and Pro Tools.  With close to two decades of experience, he also understands what the market wants to see and how they want to see it.  The combination of these skills plus his attention to target demographics gets his clients noticed.
Kelia Karson is an award winning thirty-year veteran of media relations.  Her ability to identify with target audiences through her writing is unparalleled.  She is an expert at communicating effectively.  Kelia Karson coaches individuals and companies on how to relate with their audiences and she will do the same for you.  The Kelia Karson philosophy of effective communication and marketing results in moving your product.

Production, Editing & Motion Graphics


What is uncommon is great video with a focused point of view. Attitude Entertainment is a full service fully HD video production company with the ability to see your video from start to finish under one roof. The staff can write, shoot, edit, and create motion graphics to your specifications. When you receive your video it will tell the story you want seen.


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Just because your budget is small doesn’t mean your company can’t look like it’s “doing big things. Call  313.510.9898  NOW!!!

**Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we are offering discounted rates to First Responder and Essential businesses, also their employees as our way to say “Thank You!”